11 Star Service Exercise

So today I was listening to the most recent episode of the Tim Ferris Show, and I heard something interesting from one of the founders of Air BnB. Basically he was talking about making your service as awesome as possible. The way they did it at Air BnB was using this 11 Star Service Exercise.

Here’s how it works. You take your service, and ask yourself what it looks like at a 1 star rating all the way through a 5 star rating. Then, take it one step further and ask, “What does a 6 star service look like?” Then 7, 8, and 9 all the way through 11. You will likely have to start making up ridiculous perks and add-ons to make it to 11 stars. But, it’s an extremely useful exercise to figure out how you can make your service better than “meets expectations”.

The main point of this exercise is to help figure out how you can make your business something that people are ecstatic about, and want to share with their friends and family. People don’t typically share when they buy a product or service that works. Doing what you say you’ll do is the baseline. The name of the game here is figuring out a way to go over the top for your customers, in a way that is scalable.

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