A Haunted House

“The ghosts of my exes they cry, “Oh, oh”
Cause they know that’s it’s their time to go, oh oh oh
The ghosts of my exes they cry, “Oh, oh”
They know that it’s their time to go, oh oh oh
Cause since you walked on through my door
This ain’t no haunted house no more”

– A Haunted House by Jon Bellion

I don’t think after a break up people should wait around for someone else to come around and make them feel better. People need to figure out how to be happy on their own before they can expect to partner up with someone else. But it is comforting to think that when the right person comes along, our minds won’t be haunted but grateful. Because that would mean we were right when we poured ourselves into previous relationships and concluded none of them were a good fit. It would mean that every failure in the past led to a success, and were therefore not in vain.

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