Entrepreneurial Ventures

So, today on my way to work, which by the way we are getting so much exciting stuff done it’s unbelievable, I was listening to the Tim Ferris Show again. He had the founder of Tom’s on and he talked about his first entrepreneurial venture which was teaching tennis lessons.

I found that pretty funny since my dad did the exact same thing. He got away from a job at Pappadaux where he would have been making $15/hour and instead charged about 5 kids $15/hour for tennis lessons, and made way more money doing something he loved and was better at.

I’m not in highschool anymore, and I don’t have summers where I can just do that now. But it got me thinking about what I could have been doing with my summers. That never even occurred to me before. I was so busy working on getting better at golf I never even considered teaching it to someone else.

Now though, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on some type of monetisation of this thing, golf, that I have all this knowledge and skill for.

I am currently in the process of working with something called Infusionsoft to grow small businesses. Maybe, probably not in a way I can forsee right now, but maybe after learning how to make other people’s small businesses thrive, I can start my own. Knowing how hard that is I’m not sure I’d ever do it. But I’m building up a pretty valuable skill set for that field.

An example of an idea I had today, would be to start a company where people who love music can pay a monthly fee to come together with other music lovers of different skillsets and play music together. Whether they start a band or not is up to them. The point is they’d be able to practice or play in a structured environment surrounded by musicians, singers, songwriters, producers, etc.

That’s just a random idea I had in the car but whatever.

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