The 90s Generation’s Arrogance

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It is no secret that young people are thought of as being arrogant at times. However, I believe my generation (Y) and Generation Z, the 90’s kids specifically, are thought of as being particularly arrogant and I think I know why.

No generation has ever had access to as much information as these two generations. Kids from the 90’s have had the ability for most of their lives to never have to wonder what the answer to something is. Most of what we need to know was always just a Google search away.

We also have access to A LOT of media. Movies, shows, news, social media, all constantly in our face all the time. A good chunk of this media allows us to simulate real world experiences. It is the combination of this information overload and simulation where my generations arrogance comes from.

The reason people from my generation can think that they know everything about everything and get cocky, is because of how many different things we’re able to learn about and simulate on a fairly in-depth level without much work at all. Take war for example. I’ve watched plenty of movies about war, from Troy to Unbroken, I’ve read about it online as well as in books, and people talk about their real world experiences with it through social media. Through media and technology I have both read about and seen simulations of war. I know the subject well. But I do not understand it.

I’ve never been a fox hole, I’ve never been captured, I’ve never watched helplessly as the men I trained with died in front of me. If you really want a good example of the point I’m trying to make, watch the scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams is talking to Matt Damon in the park. The movie, if you don’t know, is about a genius kid who consumes knowledge from books like no other and is very good at pissing people off. But his shrink points out to him that while he may know a lot about war because he’s read Shakespeare, he doesn’t know what it’s like to hold a dying friend. If he asked him about foreign lands he could quote the most beautiful poetry in the world describing it, but he’s never left south Philly, and he can’t tell you what it “smells like in the Sistine Chapel”, or what it’s like to “look up at that beautiful ceiling”.

My point is that my generation can seem particularly arrogant when we run our mouths off because we have access to so much information that we can feel like we have knowledge about a lot of topics. But, like Mike Ross in “Suits”, we can forget that we don’t “actually know anything.” Experience is what everyone needs to truly understand a subject. It is the only form of learning better than books, internet, movies, or anything else.

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