Originals by Adam Grant


If you read 20-30 pages of this book a day, you’d get a useful and interesting insight every day. Adam Grant does a fantastic job of backing up his theories and observations about successful people with true stories and real research.

The first example of this that comes to mind is his observation of successful people and choice of internet browser. Grant explains that the secret here isn’t that successful people chose the best browser, but that they were not satisfied with the one that came with their device as the default. Because they went the extra mile to get the best out of their computer, they were more likely to be better employees.

Grant also discusses different topics than success like why some people are the way they are. The most interesting one to me was how the youngest child makes decisions differently than the eldest. I am the eldest child in my family, but this was still fascinating. Grant explains how when a youngest child is making decisions, they don’t necessarily follow the same logical sequence most others do. The best example of this came from the story he told about Jackie Robinson. Robinson stole more bases than most other players in his time, and he was the youngest sibling. One game he stole home when it made much more sense to play it safe. When asked what he was thinking after the game, Robinson said he wasn’t thinking about the outcome, he was thinking about whether or not it was something he as a person would do. The youngest siblings are often more rebellious and want to do things differently. And, as a last fun fact for you, they are also more likely to become stand-up comedians (which Grant goes further into in the book).

From the rising and falling of businesses due to culture or a stubborn leader, to sharing ideas the correct way to make change in the CIA, to why youngest siblings become comedians, Originals is a great book full of wonderful insights that I would recommend to anyone. It will give you useful information as to why some things are the way they are, and might even make you more interesting to talk with at the dinner table.

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