First of all, I recently subscribed to Audible and it is fantastic. You pay, 15 dollars a month, you get 2 credits for signing up (credits get you audio books), and you get one credit per month for using the service. I love it. For somebody who spends a lot of time in the car, it’s great for making travel time somewhat productive.

What I most recently listen to was Permission Marketing by Seth Godin. This short 2 hour audio book discusses the concept of marketing to people who have given you explicit permission to do so. This is different than the traditional method, interruption marketing, where you market to people regardless of whether you have permission or not.

Now, you do have to do some interrupting to get permission, but the way you do it is totally different. Rather than interrupting people and trying to get them to make a purchase decision, you offer them something helpful in exchange for their email.

So, in summary, Seth is talking about email marketing. But there’s more to it than that. By understanding what you are doing when you ask for an email, what to do next, and why building a community of engaged followers is so valuable, you can enable yourself to spend your marketing dollars on something that is trackable, proven, and will ultimately help you grow in the long run.

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