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As I mentioned on the home page, I want to get into the business of SEO Consulting. Because I am new, I believe the most important thing to develop is a set of processes. You can develop strategy and theory all day long, but without a set of things you are actually going to do and execute, you run the risk of analysis paralysis. So let’s get started.

Step #1 (The Meeting)

Let’s skip the client acquisition part, and say I talked with a company and they agreed that they want to get more customers by utilizing SEO and everything it has to offer. The first thing I would do is have a meeting with them and ask a lot of questions. I want to know what their goals are, what they like about their business now and what they don’t like, are they unhappy with their site’s design or do they just want their site to be recognized more, and other things like that. I believe asking these questions will ensure the client that I care about helping their business and providing value.

Step #2 (Optimization)

After I have an idea of what the client wants, it’s time to go through their site in order to discover its technical strengths and weaknesses. For each step there are tools I will need to use, such as MySiteAuditor for example, in order to do my job as best as I can. Optimization is about making sure all the technical stuff is following best practices. Do they have h1 tags? Do their h1 tags repeat? Do they have alternative text for their pictures. Do their pictures have descriptions? Does each page or post target a specific keyword? Are they targeting the right keywords? Those last two may be beyond the scope of checking the technical correctness but you get the point. Once I have made sure their site is technically healthy I can start thinking about strategy.

Step#3 (Strategy)

The third step to do successful SEO work is to develop a strategy for how to help the client make the most out of their website and get more customers. I should have all the knowledge I need from steps 1 and 2 in order to develop a strategy. By the way, anything you do can follow the general outline of what I’m doing right now. I’m acquiring knowledge (steps 1 and 2), developing a strategy (step 3), and then I will execute. I got that from Tai Lopez. Anyway, the strategy is developing a specific set of quality content that I believe will help the client get more customers. This content can be articles on their site, infographics that get blasted to social media, videos, pictures, and anything else I determine will get shared in order to generate organic traffic and earn links. I can also make use of content the client already has if I find they already have quality content and it’s just not properly utilized. The point is that the client’s content must be of a high quality in order to earn links. I want as many other people putting links to their site as possible. I can’t go put links to my clients site on other people’s site. That’s spam. I have to earn the links. Once I have that in place the next step will be execution.

Step #4 (Execution)

This is probably the hardest step for me. I tend to be cautious. I want my strategy to be perfect before I do anything. But at some point you’ve got to stop strategizing and start doing. I’ve read about analysis paralysis and I believe that not executing is the reason a lot of people have similar ideas but only the one who executes is remembered. Sometimes things won’t work and that’s actually okay. All information is good information. If we know something works then we know to do more of that. If we know something doesn’t work then we know to stop doing that. The important part will be discovering why something did or did not work. How do I know if my strategy worked? Tools. I know I mentioned one tool earlier, but I don’t think I’m going to mention all the tools I’m thinking about using because frankly there are a lot, and I’m still not positive which ones I’ll be using at each individual step. However, I wanted to mention tools because metrics will be an extremely vital part of achieving success in this business, which leads me to the final step.

Step #5 (Reporting)

The client will want periodic reports of what I’ve been doing for their business. This is why metrics will be so important. I will need to have relevant and meaningful metrics to show the client the work I’ve done, and what that work has accomplished. The client is infinitely more likely to have a good experience if they can know and see the results of what they paid for. I’m not going to walk into their office and just say, “here’s what your site looked like before and now it looks a lot better”. No, that’s ridiculous. I want to be able to say “here is what you were achieving before, and here is what you’re achieving now”. You were getting this much traffic, and now you’re getting this much. Your content was being shared this much, and now it’s being shared this much. I want them to be able to see improvement.


After that, it’s just lather, rinse, and repeat. I know this may sound simple, but 100% of what I just talked about I did not come up with myself. I got it from other SEO people who have had plenty of success building SEO companies. Now I guess it’ll be about executing everything I just talked about once I start working on my first client. Hopefully I’ll be able to put up another post in the months to come about how my execution went.

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