Simple ≠ Easy


For my first article, I thought I’d introduce a theory I have about life. I believe life is simple, and the path to getting what you want out of life is usually simple as well. It is not, however, easy. Take college for example. You want a 4.0 GPA? Simple. Never miss class, take notes like crazy, and study before and after class every single day. Oh, and study on the weekends too. You probably can’t be too involved in social organizations because a 4.0 is pretty demanding. But that’s it. Just go to class every day and study every day.

That’s easy to write down, but it’s far from easy. For one thing, nobody wants their life to be studying. Yeah, some people really love learning and research, but in life you need balance. College kids have a hundred other things going round and round in their head other than class like relationships, partying, their future, and etc. However, using all of those extra variables to say that succeeding in college is complicated is an EXCUSE. Complication is the lie people tell themselves in order to feel better about not being able to accomplish something. Most of the time, if you devote the proper amount of time and effort to something, and your HONEST about how much time and effort you put in, you will succeed.

I’m not saying doing those things will always bring you success. I’m saying that when it doesn’t, telling yourself it’s because it was too complicated or you didn’t have enough time, or anything of that nature is a lie. Sometimes life happens, and things just don’t work. And that’s fine. Maybe you did everything you could to pass an advanced math class and it didn’t work. That doesn’t make you a failure. It just means you discovered that your future probably won’t be focused in mathematics.

There’s one other point I want to make. I’m not saying problems can’t be complicated. Of course they can. But the general path to solving problems is simple. It’s just time and effort. I really believe that. Collaboration is important too. Nobody does anything of real significance on their own. Golfers have caddies, actors have agents, and everyone has a partner or mentor or whoever that helped them.

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