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The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal is about Singal’s business model he claims to have built and used over the course of 13 years to generate over one hundred million dollars in profits. Singal sells digital information products online using this system. He breaks the system down into two phases and goes fairly in-depth as to how to go about executing each part of both phases (which I’ll talk about later).

My Opinion

About 50-70 pages in I was pretty skeptical. I am always skeptical when anyone says that have a way to make money quickly online. But the book was free, and it was recommended to me by Tai Lopez who I know has had plenty of success so I decided to get through it. What I concluded was I definitely believe The Circle of Profit can work. I might even try it within the next month. But there is a catch. In the book, Singal preaches about how quick this process can be but I still believe it would take a fairly significant time commitment. At least I think it would for me, because I believe finding and picking a niche to focus my online business on will be difficult. Anyway, this is just a review so I’ll talk about each phase briefly and then I’ll be done.

Phase 1

Getting your business started with the Circle of Profit is pretty simple. First you pick a niche you want to focus on. Then you create and “opt-in” page that has a free digital product you create or that you promote with an affiliate link. After that he goes over things like how to get traffic to your opt-in page and what to do after you get traffic and etc. It’s funny, when I sat down to write this I thought summarizing it would be easy, but now that I’m writing it I’m realizing just how much information was in Singal’s book. If you really want a full look into this business model you’ll have to buy the book itself. It’s written like a blog with each page written in a “chunking style”, and every once and a while there’s a link to a video where Singal explains what he’s talking about in the book.

Phase 2

Phase two of the Circle of Profit is all about your “passion product”. Something you create that you believe in and are excited about. He goes through how to create a great outline to make creating your product as simple as possible, as well as how to check to see if there’s a market for it and how to sell it. He also gives you some tips for what to do after you’ve sold your product in order to increase your profits by as much as over 500% without gaining a single new customer (which was my favorite part of the book).


Overall I enjoyed the book quite a bit. I love hearing about people’s businesses and Anik breaks his business down step-by-step. I’m sure he likely didn’t give everything away as he prompts you to join his community, Lurn, which has products you can buy to help you build your business, but I don’t see anything wrong with that. If anything I actually think it speaks to the validity of what he’s trying to do. I had a great time reading it, and I’d recommend it to anybody interested in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, or business models in general.

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